A few words from Melissa Flores Alcantara ... 

Livanna stands for where the mind, soul and spirit live in harmony, fulfilment and freedom. Where our products have a goal and purpose to educate, as well as positively impact the lives of your loved ones with ethical elegance and quality achieved with each of our garments.

We are faithful to our philosophy, happiness and joy of our customers.

Find out more and join a team of thousands of women in the world who are looking for better alternatives and tools to educate, love and care for our children in a fierce world full of surprises and joys, challenges and virtues. Where we believe our children are not dolls, they are beings that will change the world positively. Each one unique with their own identity and personality, that have criteria and decision-making in their lives from birth.  We care for the fruit of their actions, protect their environment and rectify their dreams.  We do not accelerate their maturity process, but attempt to care for the land where they grow.